The Konark Sun Temple was worked from stone as a monster ornamented chariot devoted to the Sun god, Surya. In Hindu Vedic iconography Surya is spoken to as ascending in the east and bridging the sky in a chariot drawn by seven ponies. He is portrayed normally as a shining standing individual holding a lotus blossom in the two his hands, riding the chariot marshaled by the charioteer Aruna. The seven ponies are named after the seven meters of Sanskrit prosody: Gayatri, Brihati, Ushnih, Jagati, Trishtubha, Anushtubha, and Pankti.Typically observed flanking Surya are two females who speak to the day break goddesses, Usha and Pratyusha. The goddesses are demonstrated to give bolts, an image of their drive in testing the darkness.The design is likewise representative, with the chariot’s twelve sets of wheels comparing to the a year of the Hindu schedule, every month matched into two cycles (Shukla and Krishna).

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