Munnar is a town and slope station situated in the Idukki area of the southwestern Indian province of Kerala. Munnar is arranged at around 1,600 meters (5,200 ft) above mean ocean level, in the Western Ghats mountain run. Munnar is additionally called the “Kashmir of South India” and is a mainstream wedding trip goal. The custom that Col Arthur Wellesley, later to be the Duke of Wellington, driving a British separation from Vandiperiyar to Bodinayakanur, at that point over the High Range and into the Coimbatore fields to cut off Tippu Sultan’s retreat from Travancore, was the primary Englishman in the High Range gives off an impression of being gave a false representation of by the dates in question. On the off chance that the story is twelve years too soon for Wellesley, it is very conceivable that some other official in General Meadow’s Army may have had that differentiation. Shockingly, no record of that spearheading mountain crossing has been followed. What is accessible is a record of the reviewing of this territory in 1816-17 by Lt Benjamin Swayne Ward, child of Col Francis Swayne Ward to whom we owe a considerable lot of the early perspectives on Madras and South India Now accessible in lithprints.

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