The delightful city of Kargil is the second biggest in Ladakh district in Jammu and Kashmir after Leh. Known for its rich social, recorded and political significance, this city sits at 2676 meters above ocean level, along the banks of the Suru or Indus River. The area of Kargil makes for an outrageous atmosphere, with temperatures dropping to as low as – 45 degree Celsius in winters!The individuals of Kargil were generally Tibetan-Buddhist until the eighteenth and nineteenth century after which generally changed over to Islam. They are of blended Dard and Tibetan drop, and most are Baltis. Kargil is known as the battleground for the Kargil War which was battled in 1999 when Pakistani fighters, camouflaged as Kashmiri military agitators, invaded the zone in and around Kargil. Since the time a few motion pictures and narratives have been made about the War, the most celebrated of them being the multi-starrer J P Dutta film, LOC Kargil.Kargil is currently a serene and tremendously lovely city, which fills in as a popular spot for voyagers a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Settled right in the center of the huge, exposed heaps of the Himalayas, with the flawless waters of the Indus streaming right alongside it, Kargil is absolutely a bit of paradise.

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