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It is a small town which is close to Pondicherry. It is the beautiful vision of The Mother from Sri Aurobindo Ashram where
all will unite and have spiritual vacation. It is an international town where people from across the globe visit and enjoy
a peaceful life. It was designed by the architect Roger Anger. It was a project of Sri Aurobindo in 1968.People from about
50 countries live here in the artificial village.
How to reach
It is just 16 km from Pondicherry and 163 km from Chennai by bus. Trains are also available which takes about 6 hours.
if one travels by air the nearest airport is in Pondicherry which is 11 km far and second nearest airport is in Chennai which is 142 km. Private autos and rickshaws are also available from Pondicherry where you have to pay Rs.150-Rs.250. Many buses passes through Chennai and Pondicherry from where you can change and reach Auroville.
If you have a guest card you can enjoy free rides by community buses from Pondicherry.
also you can hire e-cycles for a reasonable rates of 200 per day and motorbikes for 50-100 per day. To explore Auroville
the best options are e-cycles and motorbikes.
Places to visit
Matrimandir– It means the temple of the mother.It is the soul of Auroville. It is gold plated from outside and inside it is white
with the gigantic crystals in the center. Inside there is a ramp which leads to a air conditioned room polished with
white marble which is referred to as”a place to find one’s consiousness”. There are small gardens around Matrimandir. Visitors
are allowed to go inside if they have a guest pass for entry pass. A guest pass can be purchased from the visitor’s center
which is valid for all days otherwise you have to pay for it everytime.
Auro beach– Auro beach is one of the best beaches on India’s eastern coasts. It is on the east of Auroville bus stop.
Radiating city-There are four zones of the city area namely’ Residential area’, ‘Industrial area’, ‘Cultural and educational area’ and ‘International zone’.There is a green belt near the urban area which is an environmental research area which includes
medical and herbal plants, seed bank, forests, farms, water catchment bunds and many more.
Things to do-
There are a lot of activities to do like yoga, tai-chi ,different courses. There are regular projects that can be social, economic,
environmental. Many tourist enjoy the opportunity to spend their time and also volunteer the farms.Also the students get the
opportunity to volunteer the farms there. There is a small shop of Kottakarai organic food where pasta and cookies and many other
things are available which is next to the Ganesh bakery , a restaurant.

Things to buy

  • Hand woven hammrocks
  • hand carved stone sculptures
  • LED headlights
  • trending hippy clothes
  • parasite zapper
  • books about Auroville
  • body care products
  • cakes, coffee, dairy products
  • handmade paper and many more.


The Solar kitchen is main cafe and favorite place of visitors to eat. The food is too delicious and best place for get together. There is a cafe La Terrace which is upstairs where sandwiches,coffee, salads and international dishes are served. Cash is not accepted there you can pay using the account which you can apply from the visitor’s center. Both Solar kitchen and La Terrace uses the organic products. They are famous for their delicious mushroom pasta and amazing ice cream which one should try once atleast.

Ganesh bakery-It is popular spot, serving all meals and baked goods . visitors can enjoy free wi-fi also.

Visitors center – it also has a stunning cafe with everyday special meals are provided. It also had a wide range of Indian and Europeans dishes.

Le Morgan-It is a french restaurant where they provide lunch as well as dinner. Fresh delicious meal is famous there.

Repos cafe– It is on the ebach and have good salads, sunbliss salad or houmous platter are always in demand.

Paradise Pizza is a great pizza restaurant where pizzas are baked using the clay oven and it tastes so delicious.


There are more than 450 beds in different areas of Auroville. There are non Aurovillian hotels around the town which are cheap. Best option is to go to the visitor center and go through the rooms available and book . It ranges from 1500-4100 per person per day.

Most popular guest houses are Shranga, Aspiration, Verite, Youth camp, Gratitude and many more. December to February is the busiest period in Auroville.

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